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*Bodybuilding Shirt*

If the bar ain't bending, you are just pretending! You know you need to make sacrifices to get strong. you know you want to see the metal bend when you thrust weights against gravity with all you've got. Bodybuilding, Powerlifting or MMA specific, dress to kill! Kill the weakness inside of you.
*Training Shirt*

Never Strong Enough! If you just train for strenght, or need power to choke, slam, strike or submit .. you are never strong enough! Let this shirt be a reminder for you to do that extra rep! Don't forget to order the XXL version in time!
*Strong shirt*

That's right, Stop Staring Start Lifting. You have a goal to reach! Don't let others distract you. With this shirt you can tell them to get lost while having your hands free to train! At the same time you might inspire them to do the same as you ;-)